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Thank you for your quick reply

What card type should I choose when I'm configuring the display drivers according to you ? I can choose the following different drivers, nevertheless I've tried them all with no success :

- NVIDIA|Geforce
- NVIDIA|Geforce 256 (generic)
- NVIDIA|Geforce DDR (generc)
- NVIDIA|Geforce2 DDR (generic)
- NVIDIA|Geforce2 Integrated (generic)
- NVIDIA|Geforce3 (generic)

They all reported the folowing error :

(EE) No device detected

Meanwhile, the only one who matches my card under linux is the following : VGA generic which is very slow.

I'm worried, because I'm starting to believe I haven't got the right card, still it works perfectly under microsoft windows and there it is recognized as a Geforce 4 Ti 4200.... etc etc...

Maybe this will help you help me
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