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Originally posted by 99 to Life
I say we won't see DOOM 3 till summer.
Bah! I have given up on Doom III and Half Life 2 and switching to Unreal Tournament 2004 for my game modding. There are already more HL2 modifications started than the original Half Life and Valve will not release the SDK so developers can get a head start. If the game was finished last year than it would be out by now plain and simple. Valve has used the source code leak to delay the game that was not finished. Doom III is another story, at least Id has not set a release date they knew they could not make. Since I have experience with the Unreal Engine (Unreal ED 3 and Unreal Script) anyways, it would be the quickest way to get a game out the door. Sure, I won't get the awesome physics of half life 2 or the ultra high poly engine of Doom III but I don't care, it's the gameplay that counts :P
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