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Thumbs down Some Of Your Staff

I was going to let this go but after another double post on your front page, I'm reposting this comment here in case that Mike might actually read it:

No Offense Mike, but you should choose some of your staff more carefully. I can put up with the misspellings on their "quotes" under articles, but I remember seeing a comment from one your kids regarding the 1st hack. The 1st time the page went down it was just a Matrix snapshot. But I do remember when it was back up the next day, one of your staff made a stupid comment about the hacker using a newly discovered exploit and that he wasnt impressed. (You know who you are) Few days later, your whole site was wiped out. Im sure it was this kind of CS response from your staff on the page that made him attack again. By now, you have security in place to prevent it from happening again Im sure, but I would still keep close eye on the comments your buddies make. Been coming to "nvnews" since the GeForce 3 was released. This is a prime check point for anything Nvidia for me, but I have noticed more pointless gab quotes on your front page increasing over the past year. These corny comments, mis-spellings, and double posts are making a high quality site like this look like a kids clan homepage. Im sure I will get flamed for this, but please dont let kids run this excellent site.
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