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Default Debian / Kernel 2.6.2 / Help!!

Ok, I have Debian 3.0 r2, Kernel 2.6.2 and I am trying to get the nVidia drivers installed...

I followed the directions over at

When I type modprobe nvidia, it says:

version magic '2.6.2 PENTIUM III gcc-3.3' should be '2.6.2 PENTIUM III 2.95'
error inserting nvidia (path to module) Invalid Module Format

Any idea what to do? My guess was to downgrade gcc to 2.95... but I can't figure out how to do that for the life of me...

My Specs:
Gigabyte 8AENXP-D
Pentium 640 (3.2 GHz w/ HT)
2x Hitachi DeskStar 250 GB (RAID 0)
2x Hitachi DeskStar 80 GB (RAID 0)
Geforce 6800GT w/ 256 MB RAM
2x Plextor PX-716A
Windows XP Pro SP2
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