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Default GeForce 4 MX and >=4469 drivers

Hello Linux Users Community!

I have a problem regarding my graphic card and linux NVidia drivers. Everything works fine with drivers version up to 1.0-4363. When I update to 1.0-4469 or higher (1.0-5xxx too), my console (alt + [F1-F6]) is messed up :-(.

Here are the steps I take:

1. $ sh NVIDIA*4469*run
2. Change Driver "vesa" to Driver "nvidia" in XF86Config
3. Load "glx" is already there, so I leave it there as is.
4. $ init 4

The X server starts, it's OK, but when I switch (ALT-F1...F6), all I get is screen 'randomly' covered with green ASCII rectangles. I'm sure, that the console isn't frozen, because I can i.e. reboot the system after logging in and giving the shutdown command, despite I'm unable to see what's going on on the console. Switching by ALT-F7 to the X server works fine. When I replace Driver ''nvidia'' with Driver ''vesa'' or ''nv'', console and X work fine, but that's not what I really want :\

Please, help.


Jurek 'Koxta' Bartuszek
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