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Originally posted by Chalnoth
From what I've seen over at Beyond3D, the differences are as follows:

1. Radeon 9700 has an anisotropic implementation that's an improved version of what was done on the Radeon 8500. It still will look worse than the GeForce4 at some angles. To me, this makes it worse.
Following that logic, the GF4 has an anisotropic filtering implementation that looks worse than the 9700 at some angles. Does that mean it makes it worse as well? Are they both worse, since they both look worse than the other in some cases?

I, like most other people, conclude that if implementation A looks better by 20% 80% of the time, and implementation B looks better by 5% 20% of the time, then impementation A is the better solution, and "looks better" overall. Strange how you reached the exact opposite conclusion.
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