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Try this. This worked for me when I ran RED HAT 9.0
Go to consol. <quit the X server>
<you must be root or su>
Go to were you put the latest NVIDIA 5336 driver.< cd /root/bla/bla>
once there. type; sh --add-this-kernel

After that is done type;

This should build and install a driver for your kernel.

Make sure to edit you X11 config. file per Nvidia's readme file.
replace "nv" with "nvidia" under the driver section.
make sure to comment out < # > the dri.
after this save it and re-start X.

To remove the MESA libs. that may be causing a problem.<they did for me>.
At a shell command type;

rpm -e --nodeps XFree86-Mesa-libGL

You should be good to go. Let me know if this helps.
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