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Along those lines, what the hell is the problem with UT2003? Is it me, or the game in general???

I have a Razer Boomslang 2000i (tried several optical and the Logitech dual optical... keep going back to my self repaired and "adjusted" razer) and that's about as high a mouse precision as you can get.

In UT2003 I play currently at 1024 x 768, and it seems like there's a minimum of 10 pixels between any two crosshair positions. No matter what OS mouse sensitivity, razer "on the fly" sensitivity, or UT mouse sensitivity settings (or combinations thereof) I use, this "minimum accuracy" is still there.

It simply kills my aim with any hitscan weapons. Not only is there this blocky mouse movement, but there's noticeable larger jerks and jumps in the mouse movement added to that. I've turned down all the detail I can to make sure my framerates are good, and they are. I have a reasonable powerful computer (AMD XP @ 1.9GHz, Radeon 8500 @ 285/285), and my benchmark numbers in flyby and botmatch are just fine. The framerates in the game look perfectly smooth, as long as I'm just running or strafing. When I pan with my mouse though, it's got that damned "blocky" feeling to it. I swear, sometimes one minuscle move of the mouse goes clear from one side of an enemy to the other, and I simply can't aim at him.

UT just wasn't like this. I hope they release some sort of fix for this, or perhaps I have some odd settings that someone can help me with.

While I'm back on my UT2003 rant, what the hell was the point of adding some built in lag (feels like 100ms or more) to an instant fire hitscan weapon??????? Instagib is pretty stupid if you have to learn to lead, added to your normal lag. The lightning gun seems even worse.

I can't wait for some "old skool" mods to come out that have weapons and gameplay like the old UT with the better graphics and more detailed maps of the new engine (notice, more detailed maps doesn't mean bigger or - and this seems to be what Epic thought was cool - more cluttered)
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