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Oh, staring at grass directly, and I mean, directly filling the screen with grass will kill your FPS, at least in OpenGL. D3D doesn't have this issue. When I say grass, I mean the foliage, not the textures on the ground in Antalus that looks like grass. When you spectate at the beginning, try filling the screen with them. FPS drops to around 35. Not a pretty picture. I strongly recommend you disable them as they might make a FPS hit when you run through some. Although it only occurs when you stare directly at them closely, it doesn't hurt very much to disable it. Again, this is only an issue of OpenGL. I wonder if the way the grass is rendered is the same with the trees in MOHAA. I remember how the snow level kills FPS and they are both similar situations. Anyway, disable it Baron.

Also, additional testing reveals that removing foliage in any API does increase FPS by about 5-7 or so. I will change my guide accordingly.
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