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Default Re: [INFO] nforce2 + linux + lockups

I had severe lockups with my NF7-S motherboard. My first solution (with a very new kernel since older kernels didn't support nolapic) was to build a kernel with no APIC support and to send the kernel the noapic nolapic options.

Recently I found that these BIOS settings worked as well and now I have APIC functioning:

System Bios Cacheable: Disabled
Video RAM Cacheable: Disabled
AGP Aperture Size: 128M
FSB Spread Spectrum: Disabled
AGP Spread Spectrum: Disabled
CPU Thermal-Throttling: Disabled
Enhanced PCI Performance: Enabled
CPU Disconnect Function: Disabled
PCI Latency: 64 clocks

Not sure what the key BIOS setting is, but it worked for me.

Kenton A. Groombridge
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