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1st: Thanx for the reply!

Ok, I admit that I'm a newbie on Linux...
But at least I know what a manpage is
Downloading the 533x and bringing it into the mandrake system is exactly what I did - at least I thought I did....
I downloaded the .run and executed it. In the XF86Config-4 there was not much to edit, the driver string was "nvidia" before, and the Module Loadings were ok as well.

Nevertheless the .run was not able to exchange the module completely. If I understand the README from Nvidia correctly it's supposed to change all of the interfaces and drivers?

All is ending in the errormessage I tried to recall in the original posting (which states exactly what you figured out, the versions are not matching).

BTW: I belive that you don't have to reload the system, but you have to know how to fix it :-) [ I try to learn how, that's why I'm posting ]

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