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Default Re: Re: [INFO] nforce2 + linux + lockups

Originally posted by kgroombr
I had severe lockups with my NF7-S motherboard. My first solution (with a very new kernel since older kernels didn't support nolapic) was to build a kernel with no APIC support and to send the kernel the noapic nolapic options.

Recently I found that these BIOS settings worked as well and now I have APIC functioning:

System Bios Cacheable: Disabled
Video RAM Cacheable: Disabled
AGP Aperture Size: 128M
FSB Spread Spectrum: Disabled
AGP Spread Spectrum: Disabled
CPU Thermal-Throttling: Disabled
Enhanced PCI Performance: Enabled
CPU Disconnect Function: Disabled
PCI Latency: 64 clocks

Not sure what the key BIOS setting is, but it worked for me.

I'm pretty sure your lockups are related to the bios disconnect function. Disabling it will have your CPU run a lot hotter when your system is idle. If this doesn't bother you, then leave it like this, else try the patches by Ross Dickson. I have to try them myself still, but I'm in the middle of a traineeship and I need my time for other stuff.
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