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Thanks for checking that out.

I thought I'd end up by summarizing my experience:

mandrake 9.2,
NVIDIA GeForce FX (generic): NVidia|0x322 [DISPLAY_VGA] (vendor:10de device:0322 subv:10de subd:0192)

Problem 1:
5336 will not compile for me without explicitly setting SYSSRC:

export SYSSRC=/usr/src/linux

Compilation works fine by default with 4496:- perhaps a bug in the install script for 5336 when the kernel name is different from the source tree directory name?

The kernel module seems to go to the right place, can be modprobe'd in, but fails to initialize on startx, crashing back to the text console:- no clues as to why.

Problem 2:
I had a problem with TLS using GLX for 4496; this I have just solved with

./ --force-tls=classic

Thanks for the feedback,

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