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Default NVidia and Lower Resolutions

I have a Debian system -- mostly testing, but using unstable for the latest KDE applications. I have tried using the official NVidia installation system, and the official Debian package to create NVidia modules for my recently purchased NVidia GeForce 4 MX 440 card.

I finally reached a point where I have had some success. I have been able to get the card working, partially, but dropping back to the open-source 'nv' module. But using that module, I have no OpenGL support. Meanwhile, using any of the nVidia modules, I can't even get any kind of GUI interface. I keep getting dropped back to the command line. The log tells me that none of the defined screens are acceptable. I know my monitor is out-of-date, but I didn't think this would cause a problem -- especially when I can get the card working for Windoze with the same monitor.

I am going to try to attach the various XFree86 Config files and logs. If anyone can help, I would be very thankful!

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