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Default 2.6.2

I am migrating to the 2.6 kernel and am happy to see that NVIDIA
supports 2.6 now. I however have had a few problems. On my Debian
partition on my Inspiron 8000, the drivers went in flawlessly. In RH 9,
however, the drivers build, install, and run correctly, but after a reboot,
the drivers fail to load. I am then required to reinstall the drivers at every reboot. I can see the kernel module in /lib/modules/2.6.2/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.ko and the modprobe.conf contains the line:
alias char-major-195* nvidia
(I did install module-init-tools, by the way)
I am just not sure why this module is not being loaded at bootup. Has anyone encountered this problem before? I have heard of someone who encountered this problem a few years ago and worked around it by having the nvidia drivers build every boot in the init scripts, but this shouldn't be necessary. I would be very greatful if anyone had any ideas as to how to solve this problem. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have a good day,
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