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Originally posted by james
To add to my last post, I reinstalled kernel sources and now the installer found version.h, so that worked. But still no better framerates, without or with AGP enabled. Does that confirm that the card is not using its hardware for GL rendering? Output from /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status shows it enabled with 4x,2x and 1x available ( when I used the NvAGP=1 option ).
I see, first you have an slower, sorry , 5600 XT in your logs and you run it in 24 depth. Maybe try for a test 16bit, to see if this baby brakes heavy in at 24bit.

Hmm, but you wrote a Ti4200, now?!?!

If Andy Mecham read this, why is the nvidia_drv module for a long time compiled against an old buggy 4.0.2 XFree86. Just a question... ;-) And is it possible to get
an simple driver nvidia (beta whatever, for testing, unsupported, on a secret site... :-) ) for the the future of Linux desktops


to get this nice and eyecandy desktop ?

and the new XServer

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