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I have similiar specs to what you have except that my amd's clock is lower than yours. I have set it at 900 since that gives me the best performance with my bus setup. I have more RAM around 1.2 gigs. Have the same crappy sound blaster live. I did not have the latest driver, so i went and d/l it. The first time it stuffed up. Tried d/l it again it worked.

Ok i tried doing what you said. I played it with resistance (cause the older version which i have is not "adequate"). The first time i played campaign red dawn was with the audio and eax enabled. It did not crash.

Tried playing the level again this time without audio acc and eax and it did not crash.

Then i just went to the main menu and loaded up sniper team and i purposely tried getting killed. I got a blue screen. So yeah i guess you have found some bug in OP:F. My advice would be to install windows again and then see if you can replicate it again. Oh i had windows2k with admin privelages.

I did not bother re-installing windows again cause it would be a big headache reconfig my samba client. So yeah if you are seriously concerned i would suggest you do that.

Its been quiet some time since i stopped playing this game... only grudge i have against it is scripted ai. It has little replay value.

Hope that helps.
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