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I LOVE LINUX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found what was wrong in my installation. It was easier than I thought. The problem was that once the nvidia rpm's installed and the XF86Config-4 file edited as said in the manual, there was still a modifiction missing in that configuration file. That modification has not been done automaticaly by the system because the Video Card is not recognized by Mandrake 8.2. Well, here is the solution :

You have to specify after having changed every line in the XF86Config-4 file the Device used by your Screen setting in the "Screen section".

Here's the sample of my XF86Config-4 configuration file for those who don't want to lose any more time searching for a solution installing their new and beautiful GeForce 4 :

first of all you have the X server have to load the GLX acceleration, this is done by specifying the folowing line in the
' Section "modules" '

Load "glx" #just add this line in the Module section

Then you have to specify wich card you have and wich driver to use, this is done in the ' Section "device" ' by replacing the existing configuration by the following :

Identifier "Geforce4" #this identifer can ben whatever you like
VendorName "unknown" #just write whatever you like lol
BoardName "unknown" #idem
Driver "nividia" #here you must write "nvidia"

Till here it is like in the manual or README file distributed by Nvidia. But now comes the clue (or whatever you call this , I'm sorry, my english is not very good). The identifier "Geforce" you have written in the ' Section "Device" ' is used by the screen configuration. As I understood, the screen configuration is given for your video board and so I thought that I maybe had to give the indentifier name somewhere. And it was what I thought !! God I'm good !

Here is what you have to do :

In the ' Section "screen" ' just go to the line beginning with "Device" and write down "Geforce4" between the brackets. In fact, there, the X server uses the string you used as Identifier in the ' Section "device" ' and so you have to specifie it there to to make the X server know what video card you use for that specific screen configuration.

Here is what you should have if you've used "Geforce4" as identifier (note : if you used another identifier name, you just have to use that other particular name here).

Section "screen"
Identifier "screen1" #by default so called.
Device "Geforce4" #as used in the Section "Device"

... just leave the rest of the section as it was.

Now you save the whole operation, exit your root user and start X by typing "startx". There it is ! You are now able to install UT2003 (or whatever you want lol) and play play play play ! By the way you can notice the difference in speed when you move a window. It's the prove that even the 2D display has been updated.

What do we say ? WE LOVE LINUX !!!!!! Yeah !

See ya !
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