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Originally posted by Bigus Dickus
In UT2003 I play currently at 1024 x 768, and it seems like there's a minimum of 10 pixels between any two crosshair positions. No matter what OS mouse sensitivity, razer "on the fly" sensitivity, or UT mouse sensitivity settings (or combinations thereof) I use, this "minimum accuracy" is still there.
Hrm, something is most definitely wrong. With my Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical, sensitivity isn't a problem in the least. You may want to try plaing around with some of the UT mouse settings. Check the [Engine.PlayerInput] header in the user.ini file.

While I'm back on my UT2003 rant, what the hell was the point of adding some built in lag (feels like 100ms or more) to an instant fire hitscan weapon??????? Instagib is pretty stupid if you have to learn to lead, added to your normal lag. The lightning gun seems even worse.
Hrm, there's no built-in lag on my machine (with the demo, anyway).

I can't wait for some "old skool" mods to come out that have weapons and gameplay like the old UT with the better graphics and more detailed maps of the new engine (notice, more detailed maps doesn't mean bigger or - and this seems to be what Epic thought was cool - more cluttered)
Actually, I think somebody recently posted one over at, though I can't seem to get to the news archives at the moment (well, for weapons anyway...though there was also a remake of Deck16...).
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