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Default Twinview and Xv

I recently got a second monitor to hook up to my Quadra 980 XGL. I got everything up and working, twinview is setup and the desktop spans the monitors. My one problem is that I noticed that when playing back movies there was noticeable 'tearing' in the video.

I read the docs and posts that say that when running with Twinview many of the hardware features that are available in single monitor mode are not available or emulated slowly in twinview. So for Xv this means that the driver only provides a 'Video Blitter' rather than an overlay.

My question is this, are the limitations that Twinview imposes because of Hardware limits or driver design?

In single monitor mode I could have 16+ videos all playing back at the same time, all using Xv thanks to the 'pro' fetures of the Quadra, so it would seem that it might be a driver limitation rather than a hardware one. I've found a few ways around this, none very clean or elegant.

Anyone from Nvidia want to comment?
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