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Originally posted by Chalnoth
I've posted on this again and again, and the answer is simple: the alpha test/MSAA problem is solvable through programming. The anisotropic problem is not.
But it's not solved currently so my point is perfectly valid. I suppose then, that if an ATI hardware designer or driver delveloper were to reveal that the 9700's AF implementation could, in fact, be altered through programmability but they had simply not been sucessful at "correcting" the behavior, then your opinion would suddenly be reversed and the 9700 would have superior AF simply because it could be "fixed?" I find that unlikely. Until they actually solve the MSAA/alpha test problem, it's still a problem.

And the other thing is simply that both the GeForce3/4 line and the Radeon 9700 use MSAA, so the point is meaningless here, whichever your stance.
Then you agree that the 8500's 2x performance smoothvision is of better quality than both the 9700's 6x MSAA and the GF4's 4x MSAA? Stop dodging the issue.

Oh, and please stop with the pointless personal attacks. It seems that every argument I make is riddled with personal attacks in return. Try arguing the point for once. If you can't do that, then shut up.
I've done nothing but argue my point. I recall (and looking back at my posts in this thread) making no personal attacks against you at all. I think your opinion is absurd, but I never questioned your intelligence or anything remotely similar. Trying to cloud the discussion here instead of addressing the point yourself?
IMO, Mr. Derek Smart is a hypocrite: Only someone who is either (a) lying (b) ashamed of their products (c) just plain ashamed, would hestitate to give out some simple and straight forward information. - Derek Smart, Ph.D.
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