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I guess that's it.

I "solved" my problem by exchanging my 5700 FX Ultra for a 4200ti, saving me $75 in the process. I'd like not to leave the wrong impression. I really do appreciate the 4365 drivers for FreeBSD. It really was the beginning of something special. I felt proud to demand nvidia cards for all of our new workstations. You think I'm kidding, but people have actually asked, "what is it with you and nvidia?"

Now, I feel so sad. Why should anyone be so dramatic about their computer's video card? But I know why. I have endured years of merciless ribbing from the 'doz dubes. I could argue about gimp versus photoshop and apache versus IIS, but whenever those clowns got tired of arguing, all they had to say was, quake. But then everything changed. Nvidia's FreeBSD drivers proved the point that daemons can play!!

So I am very grateful for nvidia's 4365 drivers for FreeBSD. Indeed, I will continue to enjoy them for the foreseeable future. Thank-you.
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