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Originally posted by Chalnoth

Hrm, something is most definitely wrong. With my Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical, sensitivity isn't a problem in the least. You may want to try plaing around with some of the UT mouse settings. Check the [Engine.PlayerInput] header in the user.ini file.
Yeah, definitely a problem, and a very annoying one at that. I've changed just about everything I can think of in my .ini file, and in games options, with no luck. It's as if the mouse snaps to a grid (that's the jerkiness I'm talking about), and the only thing that decreases the size of this "grid" and makes the mouse motion smoother is to use both a low OS sensitivity (set through the control panel) and a low in game sensitivity. In that case, the panning does become smoother, but it's so insensitive that it's unplayable (I don't have a desktop big enough to make a complete 360). Raising either to increase sensitivity increases the "grid" size... ++jerkiness here we come.

I did some extensive testing in UT to investigate this issue, and found that UT also has a "grid" size that increases as the in game sensitivity is increased. However, in UT the "grid" completely ignores the OS sensitivity set through the control panel. Therefore, I can jack system sensitivity, lower in game sensitivity, and get an overall high sensitivity with smooth tracking. This is impossible for me in UT2003, and I can't decided if it's only a problem I'm having, or something in general with their engine that might be patched.

The only thing left (which I'm about to try) is to swap my Boomslang from a USB to a PS/2 connection. Perhaps then some refresh tweaks and such could help out. I'm open for any suggestions though, as this makes the game quite unenjoyable.

Hrm, there's no built-in lag on my machine (with the demo, anyway).
I didn't play much instagib on the demo, but I'll crank it back up and see if it's different than the full game. Yep, the same. I looked a bit more closely this time to see just what the deal is, and this is what I've gathered. The "built in" lag is small, as I've just noticed by playing "instant action" game type. Maybe 20ms or so, not bad, but not "quite" instantaneous. In online play, it's more like Q2 or Q3 where you don't see the weapon fire until the server has verified it, meaning that it's delayed by your lag to the server. This is normal, but I suppose I had grown accustomed to the sniper rifle in UT where you "thought" you fired it instantaneously, but still had to lead the target to account for lag. No real difference other than perception I guess.

I still think there's some work that needs to be done on their netcode though. I see no reason for a 12 person game where everyone is 150 ping or less to have numerous occasions of players jerking around the board, disappearing and reappearing, and me sometimes stuttering like I've just hit megalag. I have a friend that runs both a UT and UT2003 server on a high bandwidth connection, both powerful AMD machines, same player limit on each server. UT is smooth as silk, UT2003 skips and stutters like a one legged cat. Game patches, here we come.

BTW, anyone else noticed that there are some IP addresses you simply can't enter into the UT2003 browser when trying to open or add a location by IP? Try a few... it's almost like a puzzle you have to solve!

Actually, I think somebody recently posted one over at, though I can't seem to get to the news archives at the moment (well, for weapons anyway...though there was also a remake of Deck16...).
You just made my day! I figured it would take months for something like this, but knowing that there is something this soon, even if not great and not completely functional, is very exciting. I'm going to look for it now.

I guess it's no secret that I'm not real fond of UT2003 right now. I was an avid UT player (and a damn good one in low grav), and though I wasn't expecting the same game, I was hoping for the same quality of gameplay. So far, I've been dissapointed. I'm not writing it off yet though... the engine is still very good looking, and with some patches and mods (especially mods since they have supposedly made this process easier) I'm hoping for a great game in the long run.
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