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I rebuilt 2.6.2 and used NVidia module 5336... I played Q3A mods for about 20 minutes and while I hit several snags (a 10-40 second lag in play during which time the system spews the errors wer're mentioning) I didn't have any unrecoverable hangs. But that could also be luck. It's still a major pita.

I don't know whats going on here. The NV driver guys haven't addressed this problems (verbally or otherwise), or at least I haven't seen any record of them doing so, and the kernel guys are still admiate that it's not their problem.

I'm almost tempted to just turn the FB back on and use the XFree86 NV driver dispite it's many flaws.

And tamran, as I pointed out earlier, I am using NV AGP...... which means that NvAGP is set to 1.
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