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Default IRQ Latency / High CPU Usage etc..


I upgraded to 2.6.3 from 2.4.xx and now things just don't work like they used to..

The main problem is that the system lags. I use MythTV (a PVR program to record and pause live tv etc) with a Hauppauge BT878-card.

When I open Mythtv and start watching TV the load goes up skyrocketing and every 10-20secs there are visible pauses in the live tv.

For example:
17:11:23 up 1:27, 5 users, load average: 5.63, 4.40, 4.35

(Actual CPU Usage for the Mythtv should be (was in 2.4-series) ~0.40.)

Feb 18 17:13:25 kernel: bttv0: skipped frame. no signal? high irq latency?
Feb 18 17:13:25 kernel: bttv0: skipped frame. no signal? high irq latency?

Sometimes I get the "Badness in pci_find_subsys at drivers/pci/search.c:167" message also, but after disabling USB and moving the TV-card from IRQ 7 to IRQ 5 these messages have almost disappeared.

I have tried these drivers (mostly with agpgart but the first one and the last one with NvAGP) with no success: (patched) (patched) (patched)

RenderAccel is also off. Best results so far have come from "NvAGP 0" setting, but there still are framedrops every 2-5minutes and the system load is ~5.0

And NVidia, why there is no OverScan support in the latest drivers? I am assuming this is the main reason why I'm getting a very bright picture out of the tv-out when I'm using anything newer than 1-0.4363.. Or is it just me - is there a way to fix that overbright picture of mine?

[Edit: System Specs]
Epox 8RGM2i
AMD Duron 850
256MB PC3200 DDR
Seagate 7200.7
Hauppauge Primio Nicam
onboard GF4MX IGP
BTTV 0.9.10 nvidia 1.0-4363
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