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Originally posted by Bigus Dickus Then you agree that the 8500's 2x performance smoothvision is of better quality than both the 9700's 6x MSAA and the GF4's 4x MSAA? Stop dodging the issue.
No. Not on the least. And I personally feel that both nVidia and ATI should be getting on game developers to fix this particular issue.

You should know by now that I prefer to argue more from a theoretical standpoint. From that standpoint, MSAA is most certainly a good thing (compared to SSAA) because it separates edge AA from texture AA. Because the two are fundamentally different, separating the two is necessary for the best performance/image quality ratio.

And as for alpha textures, the games that I play the most right now (Neverwinter Nights and Morrowind) use alpha blends. After I get UT2k3, and once the renderer source is released, I plan to see if I can't go ahead and use alpha blends there, too, just as I did with UT (Btw, alpha blends are used for some surfaces in UT2k3, just not all...though I'm willing to bet it'll be a fair amount more challenging to implement them in the remaining surfaces than it was in UT).
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