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Originally posted by OliverRedfox
Given the first article on the rdram with the PC1066 getting 381.6 fps and PC1200 getting 414.3 fps. I would assume similar result between the 2.4ghz and the 3.06ghz were a result of memory and not the processors.
And as for the video card difference, at 640x480 resolution, the main limitation is CPU/Memory bandwith and not the video card.
First of all, both benchmarks are using the same PC1066 memory. But take a second look at the benchmarks. It shows that on September 9th, a P4 2.4ghz w/ PC1066 was retested. And this time it got a score of 330fps. But on the May 1st article, it got 381.6fps. How do you explain that? Same processor speed. Same memory type. Same bus type. Something is fishy with those benchmarks.

Mad Hatter
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