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Originally posted by Mad Hatter

First of all, both benchmarks are using the same PC1066 memory. But take a second look at the benchmarks. It shows that on September 9th, a P4 2.4ghz w/ PC1066 was retested. And this time it got a score of 330fps. But on the May 1st article, it got 381.6fps. How do you explain that? Same processor speed. Same memory type. Same bus type. Something is fishy with those benchmarks.

Mad Hatter
a) I'm unable to determine if the same motherboard was being used here.

b) The May 1 article mentions an "AGP Driver (SIS)" while the September article did not.

c) Clearly, two different operating systems were in use, something you already mentioned.

d) Memory ratings are different (Kingstone 32ns versus Samsung 35ns).

e) The size of the memory is clearly different. (512MB versus 256MB). One has to ask: which is faster to access, 512MB or 256MB?
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