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I've followed a number of those routes, lists, forums (like this one), IRC, docs, etc.

The problem is finding a balance of functionality. I was running fine, at least 95% of the time, on 2.4.x. Things get better with the FB disabled. etc, etc. The killer is that most of the normal fixes are problematic for me.. such as I need an FB, VESA or Riva, for development. Disabling APIC/APCI on SMP systems can cause more problems than it solves (at least for me). And running older kernels means giving up alot of functionality and speed improvements.

I tend to play games for about 30 minutes to an hour each night to unwind after working on various projects, and it looks like the best solution ultimately is to reboot into a 2.4.20+ kernel pruned specifically for the job, which imho is impractical.

Thanx for the post zander. But i'd still much rather hear a "oh, found it! here's te fix" responce. Oh well.

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