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Default problems with 2.4.25 kernel

We're in the process of upgrading to the 2.4.25 kernel. I rebuilt the driver using the new include files and when I try and start X, I get a black screen and I have to reboot to get the console back. The XFree86 log file as the following:

(II) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA GPU detected as: GeForce2 GTS/GeForce2 Pro
(--) NVIDIA(0): VideoBIOS:
(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to allocate config DMA context
(II) UnloadModule: "nvidia"
(II) UnloadModule: "vgahw"
(II) Unloading /lusr/X11R6/lib/modules/libvgahw.a
(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.

Fatal server error:
no screens found

Is anyone else having this problem?
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