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For what it's worth, it typically is UP I/O APIC configurations that are broken, SMP systems should work fine. ACPI mileage varies with the system BIOS and system software (i.e. the kernel), the latter is still not as mature as one would like it to be, the former broken more often than not. The problem with vesafb is highly configuration (hardware, BIOS, kernel, driver) dependent and supposedly got worse with recent NVIDIA driver releases, 1.0-4365 and earlier have been reported to be able to coexist with vesafb where 1.0-4496 and later releases fail; most of the fbdev related problems occur at the time of the initial startup or in response to vt switches, though. I don't know how well the vesafb vs. nvidia interaction difficulties are understood, but since neither driver is aware of the other, trouble is to be expected.
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