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hello everyone :-) I was out on vacation so could not help you gyus with problems you had. But as usual the community helped each other and we have some great people here helping each other.

Some clarifications:
1> The instructions here work for a clean install of RH8.0 If you dont have a clean install and are doing a upgrade please be extra carefull, read through posts some users have successfully done that.

2> Instruction are true for RH8.0 and nvidia only. for other linux version there are minor changes to the Xconfig files that others have addressed here, so please read through the forum and posts.

3>ut 2003 workls great but trying to use ut 2000 screws something up. I think because ut 2000 installs its own drivers. I am trying to work this out anyone else knows why ? after a ut 2000 install X stops working and gives error messages trying to load glx or opengl. hmmm....... any ideas folks.


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