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Default Please Help me out linux n00b

well after finding out that linux dose Not have driverz for my nic card.
being simi Smart in computers i got the drivers only find there there were only mandrake 9.1 and down *not 9.2* well it dose say 9.1 and up

so wtf ... lets try it right
i install the divers and i still get the same error when i search for a internet connection. (no cable connection found) or somin like that

Plezz people i have a Nforce motherbord and for some reson the drivers wont work and im am not a pro and linux codeing and stuff so i do not know how to do anything ... just my luck

i am sorry for bad english

please somone help me instal my driver for my nForce mother bord so my nic card workz

1: im ruing mandrake 9.2
2: nForce mother Bord
3:im a total n00b
4:cable connection
5:no i do not use a router

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