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Originally posted by OWA

To be honest, I've never given 6xAA much a chance on the nvidia side. I did some benchmarks early on and it caused a pretty big hit so I usually don't even try it anymore.
Urrm, correct me if im wrong (and i dont think i am) but NVIDIA's 6x is 6xS. You are comparing ATI's 6x to NVIDIA's 6xS??

Personally though i prefer higher resolutions to higher AA.
ATI's AA implimentation isnt perfect mind you, i was running MOHAA : Spearhead on a 9800pro. 1152x864.. 6x AA. I could still see jaggies on the barrel of the weapons. VERY annoying. Not tried it with Nvidia but i believe their implimentation handles 90* angles better? So the jaggies on the weapons would have been less noticable. Oh well, pays your money and takes your choice i guess.

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