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Yes, I had read about the situation, and while I will be happy when FreeBSD 5.3 arrives, with the changes, I do think it is nVidia's job to support FreeBSD releases, not FreeBSD's job to support nVidia releases.

In my view nVidia are not doing that great a job of supporting FreeBSD releases right now. They are way behind on driver versions.

On the other hand I am *really* glad to see they added what I hope is real vblank / vsync support on the latest Linux drivers. I hope this too makes its way to the new FreeBSD drivers when they arrive. I am presuming this fixes the problem whereby a call to glxSwapBuffers() would cause the calling process/thread to sit in a busy-loop using 100% of the CPU until the next v-blank / v-sync (That is fine for games programming where you dont usually care about multitasking with other applications, but for workstation OpenGL in desktop applications you cannot have a single application hog 100% CPU like that).

So I am happy in some ways, I just think they need to support FreeBSD a bit better (and not expect FreeBSD to support them).
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