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A couple of comments and a pointer.

The XFree.86.1.log apperars to be an old log. Normally the XFree.86.0.log is the current one. Since the XF86Config file appears to be ok, ignore the "old" log file. (To check, do an ls -l and see if the XFree.86.1.log isn't old)

The error seems to be when loading a library from the new treaded library ( /usr/lib/tls ) area. There is a similar problem seen elsewhere in some GL games. Try the suggestion per this thread from another group . Basically, it sets the environment to act like an "old" kernel and avoid the new threaded library directory. ( export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.21 )

Can't help but notice that some of the search paths include /root . Therefore it appears that you may be running as the root user. It is not good practice to run applications as the root user unless you are doing "system administration". Remember to practice safe computing......

Hope this helps some.
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