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that helps a ton.

To clarify what i meant in my first portion was that I use computers enough, well enough is an understatement. I am a computer science major, minor in m.i.s. and english. I am beyond my class as far as knowledg eof what computing is and code, but really dont enjoy the fact that none of my classmates use anything but windows.(some think linux is a video game)

perhaps i just think too ideally to become a zombie of microsoft.

not sure if that helps clarify my desire to join the forum, im really just interested in hearing about linux and getting some information.

i am new to the OS, so i recently saw the mac-on-linux patch, which looks sick, though i have not had the time to research it all too much.

-on an ending note, if this is forum is a healthy online community with people who do not create derogitory responces to people then id love to personalize my account and have a place to read up at each day while between classes.

-reason for that is i was on a forum once where people fought like cats and make derogitory and unessasary assumtions and comments, needless to say that experience lessened my regard for internet credibility.

though i hope this forum rocks

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