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Default Re: Some things never change about Lithtech

Originally posted by saturnotaku
It was sure nice of Maximum PC to put the NOLF 2 demo onto their Maximum CD for November. Because now I know I'm not going to run out and buy this game. There are several bits I've noticed in this demo that are leftovers from the Shogo days.

1) The annoying little sound effects when you first spawn in a level. Exact same sounds used in Shogo: MAD.

2) Copious (sp?) amounts of AI that are unbelievably accurate even in normal mode. Combine that with the fact that health and ammo packs are virtually non-existent, which leaves you to deal with a horde of ninja *****s with nothing but 2 shuriken and a katana, and you've got yourself a game that reminds me far too much of game that were released 4 years ago.

I'm going to give the demo another chance, but if I don't find some more ammo in that darn trailer park, this game will be removed from my machine and put into my hall of shame.
There was plenty of ammo in there, once you found the shotgun (in the blue car that gets impaled)
The AI was easy enough once you get the hang of the game, iirc, but I no longer have the teaser demo.
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