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also, when i dl these files and open them, i get a roxio music program?

is there a certain way i need to open these?
You do realize that the files you downloaded are merely CD images that need to be burned using a program such as Nero or Easy CD Creator, right? And in order to start installing and partitioning your drives you need to boot off the first disc, just like with Windows, right? It might be just me, but I would think someone who is so far beyond his classmates in computer science school would know this. But what are you gonna do? /shrug

perhaps i just think too ideally to become a zombie of microsoft.

-reason for that is i was on a forum once where people fought like cats and make derogitory and unessasary assumtions and comments, needless to say that experience lessened my regard for internet credibility.
If you want to be taken seriously, it would help if you didn't make comments like the above. If 'ya don't like it, we ain't holding a gun to your head to stay. But such is the way of the Internet forum, like it or lump it.

Have a good day.
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