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Default Helping ya...

Okay. Driver: Download the single file (driver) appropriate for your system from nvidia's download section (ie. IA32, etc). Since *I* don't know how to properly kill X, I just do the following. I configure the system NOT to start X when I login. (In mandrake this is done in the Mandrake Control center in Boot Options I believe). Then I reboot the computer. And sure enough, I just get a login prompt. I login as root and then I 'cd' into the folder with the driver. Then just do execute the file (with... sh <filename> I think). It should go about its business and do what it needs to make everything happy. Afterwards you may need to edit your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file to enable the Load "GLX" option.
Anyways, that is always worked great for me. Good luck.
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