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1. Make sure you've downloaded correct drivers.

2. Change file permission to executable. Type in terminal/konsole chmod +
or in konqueror file manager right click on the file then properties/permissions then check execute.

3. Now you have to go to command line mode. The best way to do it is when you type init 3 in console/teminal. (init 2 if 3 doesn't work)

4. Type ./ (don'r forget ./ ) then follow instructions.

5. If you get em installed successfully type startx
In case you don't see nvida logo go to /etc/X11 directory then open XF86Config file (if you see XF86Config-4 file open that one instead) with some text editor then remove the following lines
Load "dri"
Load "GLcore"
If you don't see them that's fine just make sure they are not there.
Also replace the line
Driver "nv" (or Driver "vesa")

with Driver "nvidia"
save/exit restart linux

Good luck
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