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Question NVIDIA-GLX missing - software or document problem?

I'm trying to determine if I have a problem, or if there is a misleading statement in the nVidia README.

I'm running LFS v5.0 - kernel 2.4.22. My other main Linux installation on the same PC is ROCK Linux 1.4.0 i586 - kernel 2.4.3.

Under LFS, I'm running with nVidia driver 5336.
Under ROCK, I'm running with nVidia driver 2960.

XFree86 is

My PC is a 1GHz Athlon. The motherboard is a DFI AK74-EC with Via KT133.

Video: GeForce 4 MX MX 440 w/NV17 processor and TV-out, 64MB, AGP 4x by Gainward (not Golden Sample). Video BIOS:

With the default glxgears window size and my screen resolution set to 1400x1050, 24 planes truecolor, I'm getting around 2180 fps.

With a 2.4.22 kernel, I'm *not* running NPTL.

All of the nVidia GL libraries installed without a problem.

My problem is this:

Where's NVIDIA-GLX in my xdpyinfo output? According to the nVidia README, I should have it:

"You should also check that the correct extensions are present; 'xdpyinfo' should show the "GLX", "NV-GLX" and "NVIDIA-GLX" extensions present. If these three extensions are not present, then there is most likely a problem with the glx module getting loaded or it is unable to implicitly load GLcore. Check your XF86Config file and make sure that you are loading glx (see "Editing Your XF86Config File" above). If your XF86Config file is correct, then check the XFree86 log file for warnings/errors pertaining to GLX. Also check that all of the necessary symlinks are in place (refer to Appendix C)."

I do have it under 2960 in my ROCK installation. I *very* carefully installed and uninstalled (manually) 2960 under LFS. That did give me NVIDIA-GLX. Then I put 5336 back. No NVIDIA-GLX. But in both cases I do have GLX and NV-GLX.

My stuff (logs etc.) are in the attachment.

So that is my question - should NVIDIA-GLX show up with 5336, or not?
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