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Everything was working fine before I updated the drivers in SuSE, and it was working well on a MEPIS partition as well. The following is what I get when I try to configure SaX:

SaX: initializing please wait...
SaX: startup

xc: sorry could not start configuration server
xc: this could have the following reasons:

- the card is still not supported. To get
further information about the driver status
please have a look at:

- the card was not detected correctly. In
this case please get the information which
XFree86 module provide support for the card
and set the module using the following

sax2 -m 0=<name of the module>

Note: 0 is a digit not a letter
Note: Information about modules are
provided on the mentioned WWW-Page

- the card was detected but the server fails
to start in spite of the detection. In this
case something more serious had happened.
Please have a look at the log file:


xc: if you can not determine the cause
please get in contact with:


Please include the log file and a detailed
description into your e-mail

xc: abort...
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