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Originally posted by -=DVS=-
Game must be designed to make use of Dual CPU's to begin with...... if they were alot of us would prolly have dual CPU PCs and future games depend on strong Graphics card more then on CPU.

And all this comparision is apple to oranges , they will make it run good on Xbox or any other platfrom , by optimizeing reduceing quality if needed and so on.........

But offcourse with all details on PC will be first one to run it good with next gen video cards.
Uhhh....Quake 3 makes use of dual procs if you have them. Why wouldn't Doom 3?

Originally posted by Edge
I guess MACs would be more efficient, but they will simply get trampled on by PCs due to raw speed. There's nothing availible for the MAC that can match up to a 4 ghz P4 with a 9800pro card, even though the CPU is much more efficient. Also with Doom 3 being locked at 60 ticks per second, there's going to be a certain point in CPU speed where a faster processor simply won't help. Though I forgot all about the MAC version of the game, since at this point MAC gaming is kinda dead...
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I'd have a tough time believing that Doom 3 would be faster on a single 4Ghz P4 than on a dual 2Ghz G5. If Doom 3 has support for SMP like Quake 3 does (and there isn't any reason to believe it won't), then there I see no reason why a dual proc. Mac couldn't outperform a single proc. PC in game.
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