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Originally posted by de><ta
Regarding the comparision you have what color mode (ie. millions of color for the apple case) was it tested under? The last review for a mac game i read was for SOF2 where the only reason the frame per sec was good was due to the fact that the color mode was reduced while playing the game.
Default settings, like I said. Which means millions of colors.

Originally posted by de><ta
Secondly UT2k3 does not use DX9 that heavily to justify appending that bit of info
Neither does D3. id Software uses OpenGL, remember? UT 2k3 uses OpenGL in OSX because there is no DX on Mac systems.

Originally posted by de><ta
Third what graphics cards where they using? I am thinking that the G4 had something in the order of nV GForce 4 level. How about the PC?
It says in my post. ATI Radeon 9700 Pro on the Mac and GeforceFX 5800 Ultra and Radeon 9700 Pro on the PC (Ati scores are in the post above). Read.

Originally posted by de><ta
Fourth you do realize that the max frame per sec could have been recorded when there was not much pressure on the system... The average is a better indication.
It shows the averages silly.
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