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Originally posted by MUYA
I fail to see why Mike's post is such a big deal? Never did Mike say the post contained any quote from Yahoo? He is just extrapolating what he thinks from the article. QUOTEs are always highlighted in blue if you take a look at other posts. Its not a big deal, its Mike's take on the article in which Intel seems to say 64 bits is not where it is at now! and according to Intel it will be 2006 before u see major benefits etc.

Personally I am gonna buy a athlon64....dun care for the 64 bits right now as the on-die memory controller is the main reason why I would like to go this route as it brings much performance benefits.
So I guess I will extrapolate from that article that Intel will not get a full fledged 64bit product out until 2006. Intel propaganda.
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