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Unhappy Slackware & Nvidia drivers

Okay, you Slackware gurus,...
I am having an issue and looking for a resolution.

Dist: Slackware 9.1
Card: MSI GF4 TI4400 VTD 128Mb

Here is what has happened:
I installed the "pkg1" Nvidia drivers for my video card and edited my XF86Config file to my liking.
(However, I may not have made the appropriate editing).
I did all of this as "root".

Now, when I start X, it loads fine, (I see the Nvidia splash screen), and everything appears to be okay.
I can manuever around in KDE just fine.

However, when I exit out of X, I get nothing but a blank screen.
Zip, zilch, nada ... 1 black blank screen!
It used to take me back to my typical command line.

In order to get back to my original command line, I have to physically push the button, hold it in until the system shuts down, and then re-turn the machine on,...
which goes through its normal boot process and I am at my normal command line after logging in.

Maybe I missed something somewhere, but could one of you gurus possibly point me in the right direction to fix this.

To keep my machine operative, I have temporarily went back to my default XF86Config file that was produced by executing xf86config.
I would love to have the Nvidia drivers working to get my dual monitor set up.

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