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Please read this bugreport:

It contains a dirty solution that works with forcedeth v18 (but not with v.20 or higher). The forcedeth crew is currently too busy with RL stuff, but may code this in their driver yet.

I have emailed NVIDIA about this, two seperate engineers replied a few times, but really didn't have anything useful to add. At first the linux driver didn't contain WOL functionality, later on they reversed that statement.

However, it doesn't work. I still have to try to take a new kernel, rip out forcedeth, and patch it with forcedeth v.18 so I can upgrade my kernel, but still use WOL.

If you are wanting to use WOL, make sure your box is stable. Use a kernel without local-APIC, or turn off the CPU disconnect in the BIOS or just fix the problem with Ross Dickson's patches.

My page about broken stuff:

Please let me know how you get along.
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