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Originally posted by zander
It is missing ld, you need to install the binutils package.
Hi Zander,

How does the real newby know if this "ld" (wether he looks at the read-me file or not) is installed by default with a common distro like a Mandrake 9.2 (downloaded not boxed) ?

How could he even guess were to get, then to install, this binutils package when he's in front of the $ or the black screen of Xfree due to the basic GForce 4 driver.

Even if the guies here at nVidia seem to do a lot for open-source users, made the driver package easier to install, I feel a bit (!) bitter (in french we call that "spiting in the soup")...

It's really a pain in the a.. to get all that unices working.

It's not your fault, I'm sorry to be drily... thanks for contibuting anyway.

Zoot Allures
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