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Originally posted by Hellbinder
It looks like many people are gone.

I was a little curious about this myself. Most of you would be shocked to silence if you knew what really transipired here. Its not pretty and it makes the *supposed* Ati fanatic "Troubblemakers" look like a bus load of Peacniks.

Honestly, I thought i knew the people that ran this site a little better than i apparently do. I suspect that many more people will be leaving here for other places.
hb... tbh that is just massive flamebait which seems to have as much fact as the tooth fairy...

this site is run as well as any that I know and I don't see the representatives of this site making it a point to go to other sites and posting remarks that pointedly degrade teh members of that board that run it...

I loved posting in response to teh Baron and I used to have chat once in a while with volt...

btw I would love to know what you THINK really happened... drop by the IRC channel and fire off some choice comments m8

rumour and innuendo only go so far
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